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木漏れ日 (Japanese)

木漏れ日(Komorebi) literally means “sunlight leaking through trees,” it describes the beauty and wonder of rays of light dappling through overhead leaves, casting dancing shadows on the forest floor.
No word exists in English, and it’s hard to imagine anyone in the “West” caring about inventing it.

Sobremesa (Spanish)

Sobremesa, literally means “upon the table”. After a meal there is nothing nicer that relaxing and chatting at the table. I have been in sobremesas that joing to lunch and dinner together.

Morriña (Galician)

Is the feeling of melancholy and longing triggered by missing one’s homeland. It’s not quite “homesickness” – it’s more complex a concept than that as it implies an almost spiritual connection to the land that is intensified when far away from it. It is also used when you are sleepy, after a meal.

Iktsuarpok (Inuit) Iktsuarpok describes the feeling of anticipation when you’re expecting someone. It refers to the impatient excitement that makes you …

Hygge (Danish)

Its a mixture of cozy, intimate moment or thing. It gives off imagery of a candlelit winter evening at home with warm blankets and a bit of alcohol or a hot drink.

There are similar words in German (gemütlichkeit), Swedish (gemytlig), and Norwegian (hyggelig). However, there is no direct translation in English.

Flâneurs (France)

These aimless pedestrians. The word carried a set of rich associations: the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street. Where I feel like a flâneurs, the most, is in Paris. But I guess… I am a Curious Dude.

Bullets from Week 28



  • Anxiety strikes again. Meditation is helping.


  • I saw Inside Out 2. How would the characters behave in a meditation session? Would they be frozen? Meditating with the person? Trying to distract the person?


  • Listening to Dua Lipa at Glastonbury. She talks about manifestations. I read about it.


  • Some weeks feel like nothing out of the ordinary happens. I read the above and think every day is different, sometimes in the small details. I remembered Perfect Days, the film.


  • Started clearing draws for the move and found a forgotten review and year-ahead document from 2020/2021 (one of those things you do in the new year). Interesting thought. My favourite sentence in it: “There is happiness in a pandemic”.

The week in three pics

No migration, no football

Agency, Creativity, London

I am not a football aficionado. But this beautiful campaign from the Migration Museum is perfect for showing the whole country that migration is okay.
Migration brings talent and an exciting Euro final.

While it may put pressure on housing and social services, BUT migration brings fresh skills, ideas, and workforce. It increases the tax-paying population, thereby contributing to the economy and refreshing the generations and minds. This is a hopeful sign for the future.
Fantastic campaign, well timed and perfect target market.

Bullets from Week 27



  • I went to a Nicer Tuesdays. Haven’t been for years. I forgot how refreshing is to go a see what people do. Need to do it more.
  • Sign in a Peruvian restaurant reads: “Everyone brings happiness here, some by coming, some by leaving.” – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life 😆


  • I’m getting old. GP sent me to A&E because I had a bit of chest pain. I think is anxiety. Everything was fine. It’s just that I’m getting old. 


  • Conversation with friends: we care about our house but not what happens outside. Human behaviour not realising that outside is our house too.
  • Also in the same convesation I told them that I deleted most of my social media and I am back to reading and writhing blogs. Reminds me when internet was slow paced.


  • It’s raining but lots of people are happy! #elections2024🗳️

The week in three pics

Things about books

Every Page of This Book Is a Slice of Cheese

Every Page of This Book Is a Slice of Cheese

Art, Books,Creativity, Humour, People do things

One of the issues of making a book is finding the right content. Ben Denzer has found a new meaning for that. He bound 20 slices of cheese.

He also have other volums like $200, 6000 dantdelions or icecream books… worth cheking this artist.

(Via the legend: Swissmiss)

Do you need a book cover?

Books, Design

How many times have you bought a book for its cover? We’ll this site will save you money, because you can find many of book covers.

The book of ornamental alphabets

Beautiful, Books, Interesting, Typography

The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and mediaeval, from the eighth century, with numerals; including Gothic; church text, large and small; German arabesque; initials for illumination, monograms, crosses, etc., for the use of architectural and engineering draughtsmen, masons, decorative painters, lithographers, engravers, carvers, etc. etc.

This is so good for inspiration on typography. I can spent hours looking at this site.

Bullets from Week 26



  • I am waken up by It Must Be Love by Madness – BBC Radio 2 (Thanks Zoe). The song got stuck on my head all day. 
  • On my way to work I see a girl on a scooter, she stops, goes back and picks up a pigeon feather, she looks happy. I think curiosity makes us happy. I need to pick up more feathers. 
  • I see a sign that says “Shared path by pedestrians and bikes”. We need this sign to be global. “Shared planet with animals, plants, fungi, bacteria & protists”.


  • Someone told me they spotted wild orchids in Wanstead Park. I have looked before and didn’t find them. This time thinking I would find some I did the same walk I did before. No sign of orchids. That saying if you don’t change anything you will get the same result. Why didn’t I try somewhere different in the park? 


  • It’s hot. I see an A4 laminated sign stapled in a pole. It says: ‘Keep off the grass’. There is something authoritarian about an A4 sign.


  • I made a list of the jobs I don’t like doing and I will ask AI to do it for me.

The week in pics

Timecapsule from 2006/07

I recovered an old Blogspot (then renamed Blogger by Google). Most of the posts aren’t now longer working, but some still work and still relevant, so here you go!

Typography School

Typography, Design

A film on how knowing the traditional methods makes our work less sloppy when we move to digital. David Dabner words are still or are even more relevant today, 2024. A film from London College of Communication (or in 2007 called London COllege of Printing).

Explore more

Creativity, How to

Keri Smith is a Canadian conceptual artist and author of several bestselling books and apps about creativity including Wreck This Journal (Penguin), This is Not a Book (Penguin), How to be an Explorer of the World -the Portable Life/Art Museum,(Penguin), Mess: A Manual of Accidents and Mistakes (Penguin), The Guerrilla Art Kit (Princeton Architectural Press), Finish This Book (Penguin), and The Pocket Scavenger (Penguin). I still subscribe to this little manifesto from early 2000’s.

London Graphics

Design, London

This is a personal video I did then, and I dared to post it. It’s BAD! But you have to embrace where you come from, so to finish this post here’s something to chuckle.

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